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The Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation provides full-service branch, private enterprise. Every need of our patients, staff and our staff are covered by the expert.
Treatment of patients should have a day for double sessions, the first time that has been applied in New York, Day Hospital System similar to the one applied in our country by Ornöram. Transport patients under this system, cathering, nursing services, and daily double sessions of physical therapy and rehabilitation services are available. Out to the patient, as we call this service, patients are offered the opportunity to rest days of treatment, including hospitalization.
In this patient groups:
The brain and nerve damage as a result of the rehabilitation of paralyzed patients
Orthopedic surgery (meniscus, prosthetic surgery ...) after the rehabilitation of
Treatment of rheumatic diseases
Neck, back aches and pain treatment
Soft tissue disorders (fibromyalgia, tendonitis, bursitis, tendon injuries, ...)
Peripheral nervous system diseases (nerve lacerations, neuropathies)
Ornöram, advanced physical therapy and rehabilitation applications, uses modern devices, except for the first time in Turkey with the two central private indoor pools, hydrotherapy (exercise in the pool), the treatment applied.